Why We Do What We Do

The challenge for most job seekers and employers is that talent acquisition technology has become overly complex or antiquated for the way that people find jobs now. Nearly 80% of the US now carries a smartphone. That means that baby-boomers and millennials alike always have smartphones on them. But, the sale of laptops for personal purposes are continuing to decline. This means that the traditional approaches of resumes, job boards, and other talent acquisition tools are now creating a barrier to employment.

At the same time, the small business boom and the lessons of the Great Recession mean that employers of all sizes now compete for the same talent. Employers now have jobs open and cannot fill them fast enough with the right people. As a result, jobs sit unfilled or open for months even though the person with the right background may have already applied. This means that work gets left undone and revenue lost while both the employer and job seeker lose.

The Contingent Plan bridges this wide gap between employer and job seekers. We do this through a holistic approach that translates the complexities of talent acquisition technology. We use our tools, partnerships, and technology to remove the barriers created by the traditional talent acquisition methods. As a result, the Contingent Plan offers an affordable alternative to the misunderstood and expensive challenges of hiring in today's market.

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The Contingent Plan is a team of expert recruiters, resume writers, and outplacement experts. We have an unparalleled knowledge of talent acquisition.

What We Do

The Contingent Plan serves both employers and job seekers through a combination of solutions based on our proprietary approach. Our clients receive unique insights, access to better opportunities, and unparalleled insights to talent acquisition technology to better compete in the current talent market.

How The Contingent Plan Is Different

The Contingent Plan weaves together the most important aspects of talent acquisition to serve companies of all sizes and stages. Our team of career experts and recruiters bring a people first approach to serve each client in whatever way makes the most sense to effectively meet their needs.


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