The Contingent Plan team partners with people at every stage of their job search to kick start the process and make it easier to reach your career goals.

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Who We Serve

The Contingent Plan team focuses on simple steps that can help transform your job search while sharing our talent acquisition expertise to uniquely fit the needs of job seekers at every stage of their career.


What We Do for Job Seekers

The Contingent Plan team partners with people at every stage of their job search to kick start the process and make it easier to reach your career goals.

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When to Work with Us

Our team offers customized support to people looking to make a change at every level of their career. We offer a variety of support that can be customized to fit your needs from building you an effective resume to placing you in a new role and everything in between.


Why Choose the Contingent Plan

The Contingent Plan believes that your career shouldn’t be stopped by the technology that is supposed to help employers find quality candidates like yourself. So, we spent years researching, testing, and compiling data from multiple markets to develop our proprietary methods that work. Built to help you succeed, our clients and candidates reach their goals faster through:

Resume Writing

There are over 900 ATS programs used by employers and they are all designed to analyze the content on your resume. Those applicant tracking systems reject over 75% of job applications because the resumes do not have the right keywords on them. Our resume writers can help you stay in the running by building a resume that is optimized for the ATS and that recruiters want to see.

Social Media Profile Optimization

Many employers are using systems to find candidates and to analyze their potential fit for the job - even before they see the candidates resume. Work with our experts to get the info you need to optimize your social media profiles that are critical to your job search.

Career & Interview Coaching

Our experienced career coaches can provide you with the right guidance and insight to be successful in your job search. We offer one time coaching, packages, and bundles to help as much or as little as needed in your search.


All of our members are paired with a career advisor to help navigate their job search. Our team uses the proprietary method grounded in our industry expertise, ongoing support, and guidance to help you take all of those small steps that add up to reach your career goals.


The Contingent Plan works with employers across the US in a variety of industries that could be a good fit for your search. Set-up a free candidate profile or apply to a position so that our recruiting team can reach out if you are a fit for the employer’s requirements.

How to work with our team

The Contingent Plan works with people at every stage of their careers and job search. Our clients can tap into our unparalleled expertise and proven methods to advance their job search and careers.