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How Our Memberships Services Work

We recognize that a job search doesn’t happen in a vacuum and that it can be complicated for most people with all of the talent acquisition technology used by employers. So, our memberships combine a number of elements to help each member in their job search. Here’s how they work:

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The kick-off meeting with your advisor will dive into your experience, goals, and priorities to lay the foundation for your job search. Your advisor will serve as your primary point of contact throughout your membership.


Your advisor will coordinate the development of your resume based on the goals defined by you. The number of resumes you get each month will depend on the level of your membership.


Your advisor will also help you to optimize your LinkedIn or other social media profile for your job search. They will also coach you through the process of how to use that platform in your search as part of the membership.


The memberships come with varying levels of coaching support and all of those services are designed to fit your needs as your search evolves.

How The Contingent Plan Is Different

The Contingent Plan weaves together the most important aspects of talent acquisition to serve companies of all sizes and stages. Our team of career experts and recruiters bring a people first approach to serve each client in whatever way makes the most sense to effectively meet their needs.

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