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The Contingent Plan team partners with employers of all sizes across industries at every stage of the talent acquisition lifecycle. Our experienced team of recruiters, resume writers, career coaches, and consultants can help your team on short notice to identify and achieve its goals.

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Growth Periods

One of the best problems for a business to have is more business than it can handle. When you need the right addition to your team, we can give you timely help to shoulder your growing burden.

Unexpected Departure

Things happen—good and bad. And when they do, people may end up going away suddenly, leaving a role unfilled. You’ll need a partner who can make sure your vacancies don’t last longer than necessary.


Shifting the priorities and roles at your company is often needed. Amidst your push for innovation, it may be necessary to bring on new talent. Tell us your newly-defined vision, and we’ll help you fill the gaps.

Mergers & Acquisitions

When a business acquires another, change is inevitable. One of the changes that can happen is the team. New roles or different roles are often needed, and we’re here to make sure those roles are filled.

Workforce Planning

We can advise you on planning out an effective team structure for your business. Our thorough and careful approach to narrowing the search for qualified candidates will ensure that we get the best fit.

Strategic Planning

Particularly for newer business owners, what you need to achieve your business goals is not always clear. The experts at The Contingent Plan can help you put the right pieces in the right places for you to succeed.

How The Contingent Plan Is Different

The Contingent Plan weaves together the most important aspects of talent acquisition to serve companies of all sizes and stages. Our team of career experts and recruiters bring a people first approach to serve each client in whatever way makes the most sense to effectively meet their needs.


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