Meet The Contingent Plan

The Contingent Plan team prides ourselves on our expertise and our commitment to continued growth. No matter our specialty or background, every member of the Contingent Plan shares a passion for excellence. Regardless of whether a team member has 1 year or 20 years of experience we are only as good as what we do today – and we all realize that.The only way to create great things every day is with exceptional people who truly enjoy what they do. So, the Contingent Plan only works with the best. We are enthusiastic, skilled, and take pride in doing the best we can for each client every single time.

Kathy Harrell-Latham

Chief Executive Officer

Kathy Harrell-Latham, an experienced recruiter and talent acquisition consultant, is known for breaking down the barriers created by the technology that is supposed to make the process easier to find and fill jobs.

Jamison Harrell-Latham

Chief Operations Officer

Jamison Harrell-Latham, a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), started his career in safety and found his passion for helping people build a culture of safety from the ground-up.